Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Globe Tattoo

Globe Tattoo Broadband, the mobile broadband USB that lets you connect to the internet anytime anywhere, now comes powered with calling capabilities!! Just plug in the Tattoo stick into your laptop or PC and you can make calls to all your friends in an instant!

Calling is Easy

   1. To use the Call feature, you’ll need earphones and a microphone or a headset.
   2. Click on the Call button on the Globe Tattoo interface to start dialing a number.
   3. Start calling your friends! You can call any cellphone and landline of any provider. It's just like calling from your cellphone!

Globe Tattoo Broadband Prepaid kits are up for grabs for only P1,495 with P600 preloaded SIM. The kit comes with a Tattoo USB Device, SIM pack, USB cable and user manual.

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